Vigilante Project is a thrilling new comic book series from Yvette Avenue Productions. Set in present day New York, this gritty, reality-based comic is an eclectic mash-up of mystery, crime, martial arts, and action genres.

Creators, Chris Dickens and Phil Morgenthaler have been friends since Junior High School, and grew up on a street called Yvette Avenue. As fans of martial arts and science fiction games, comic books, and films, Phil and Chris have always dreamed of sharing their own creations, and their vision with the world. Vigilante Project is the first of what they believe will be a long series of entertaining, thought provoking media.

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Left to Right, emcee Shawn Crosby with creators Phil Morgenthaler and Chris Dickens presenting Vigilante Project at the 2010 Long Beach Comic Con Panel.